29 10 / 2013


I feel like my cat and dogs main concern in life is food but then I realize food is my main concern in life too so who am I to judge

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24 10 / 2013

Just came back from a study session with some friends feeling frustrated, stressed and angry and I don’t know why.

23 10 / 2013

Just broke my 5km run time by 1:20!!!
Feels so good!

Just broke my 5km run time by 1:20!!!
Feels so good!

17 10 / 2013


No one has ever believed in me as much as the guy that greets you at every pokemon gym.

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13 10 / 2013


Social anxiety is so fucking shit and it makes me feel like a dickhead because I can’t do regular things and I hate trying to explain it to people because unless you have it then it all sounds totally irrational and childish and just DUMB

I’m so stressed about this week, I can’t even sleep.

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07 10 / 2013

Just got so bored that I watched an unboxing of 3 different calculators.

06 10 / 2013

Pros and cons of making food

  • 1: food
  • 2: making

03 10 / 2013


Many people find it hard to trust other people so they put up walls instead of trying to build connections. This can also lead to social anxiety and numerous problems in relationships. People who fall into this category display many of the following traits:

· They see others as being unconnected,…